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Managing electronic records

Managing electronic records

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Managing electronic records

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The general principles of Records Retention Management apply to records regardless of their format (physical or electronic). Therefore, records created or maintained in digital format must also be retained in accordance with the minimum retention requirements.


These records may exist in the form of e-mail, PDFs, voicemails, word processing documents, spreadsheets, web content, or forms.


To assign retention schedule to a digital file


A user with 'Create Records' rights can assign retention schedule to a digital file.  


Right click on a file in Docsvault to display the popup menu and then click on Assign Retention Schedule.  
This will open 'Record Details' box. Fill up the following details:

o The name and description of the record

oSelect the record series from the drop list.
oEnter the base date (the date based on which the disposition date should be calculated). Entering this date will automatically calculate the records disposition date.
oIf the records are retained in physical format, enter it’s volume.
oAdd additional information of the record in the custom fields if set by your records manager. For example: the type of record, its storage location, etc.  For more information to learn how to create custom fields, click here.
oHold Type: You can use a retention hold to retain a file beyond its expiration period and prevent it from being disposed.
oHold Reason: Type any comments that you want to provide about why the record is placed under hold.

Click Save button


note Note:  

Files tagged for retention schedule can be moved from one location to another but cannot be:

   - Check-out for editing

   - Deleted

   - Duplicated (Copied)