Managing physical records

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Managing physical records

Docsvault helps you keep track of all your physical records at every stage and ensure that it can be easily traced. Docsvault Retention tool can be easily adapted into your own unique records management program.


Once proper records retention schedules are setup from the settings node, the next step is the preparation of a records inventory of your physical documents stored in boxes or filing cabinets. The inventory should be performed by the person within the organization most familiar with the records and the filing system.


To create a New Record


New Record option helps you to create a unique information storage for your physical records


Select Administration > Records Retention Console in Docsvault Client application   OR


Click on the Records Retention Console node in Docsvault Server Manager


In Records Retention Console, click on New Record to enter the details of the physical record.


Select a location in Docsvault to store the entry in.


Fill in the form with the following details:


oThe name and description of the record
oSelect the record series from the drop list.
oEnter the base date (the date based on which the disposition date should be calculated). Entering this date will automatically calculate the records disposition date.
oIf the records are retained in physical format, enter it’s volume.
oAdd additional information of the record in the custom fields if set by your records manager. For example: the type of record, its storage location, etc.  For more information to learn how to create custom fields, click here.
oHold Type: You can use a retention hold to retain a file beyond its expiration period and prevent it from being disposed.
oHold Reason: Type any comments that you want to provide about why the record is placed under hold.


Click Save & Next button to save and make another entry of the record.


A unique Record ID is automatically created for each record. This Record ID can be further used for tracking & searching this record.



Create New Record


note Note:

To release a record from hold, select a blank item from the Hold Type list box.




doc_security Security:

A user needs minimum of 'Create Records' rights to create a record in Record Retention Console.