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Search Records

Search Records


The Search option allows you to specify multiple search criteria to find records stored in Docsvault.


In Record Retention Console, click Search Records to open the search box.

In the Search box, specify necessary search criteria:

oName or ID: Enter the name or id of the record to search for.

oRecord Series: Select the record series from the list to narrow down your search if desired

oDisposition Date: Enter the date range to query for. Note that the through date is a mandatory filed

oSearch for: Select the type of records you are looking for: physical, digital or both

oHold Type: Select the hold type applied to the records if searching for records under hold only



Search Records



Search by Custom Fields


Using this option allows you to generate more detailed search queries thus enabling you to further narrow your search results and speed up finding documents according to the assigned custom fields values.


More than one search criteria can be added to the Custom Fields search, as shown below.


Use above AND below conditions- by selecting this option you indicate that all the criteria of Custom Fields search 'and' other criteria mentioned above should be satisfied and be listed in the search results.  


Use above OR below conditions - If you want to expand/widen the query, you can use this option. By selecting this option you indicate that either Custom Fields search criteria or Basic search criteria must be satisfied and be listed in the search results.


To search by custom fields, do the following:


Click on 'Add Condition' button. Under the Custom Field Name column select the field from the drop down list.

Set the Criteria

Specify the Value for a specific condition.

note Note:

For Text fields the 'Criteria'  can be to set to compare the exact phrase by using "Is" or partially by selecting "Contains"

For Date and Numeric type fields, condition can be any of the following type:


Equal To


Less Than


Greater Than


Click on the Search button to complete the search.

If you want to use more than one property condition while searching, click on the 'Add Condition' button. You can specify the type of relationship between the two conditions by specifying 'And' or 'Or' under Condition column.


The search would only return those records that fit the custom property criteria, giving you a much shorter list of documents to go through.


tip Tips:

To get a listing of all records, click Search button without entering any criteria

To sort the list by any field, click the field’s column header.

To filter the information in a list, click filter (funnel icon) on the column header. You can filter the data for selecting specific records that you want to see such as all Records with a litigation Hold Type or Permanent type of record series.



Pending Retention Records

To quickly search records with missing base date, select 'Pending Retention Records' from saved search list in the main Docsvault Client interface.