Retention Schedules

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Retention Schedules

Retention Schedules


One of the pivotal requirement of an effective records retention management is to ensure that records are neither prematurely destroyed nor kept for periods longer than required. A retention schedule is a plan of action that indicates the period of time you should retain your records. Records schedules allow you to dispose of records in a timely, systematic manner by setting retention and disposal guidelines based on administrative, legal, fiscal, or regulatory needs.



Retention Schedules


Steps to create a New Record Schedule

The record retention schedule is a list of record series that identifies the length of time records must be kept by the organization.  


The record series can be created at root level or child level thereby allowing you to group retention schedules by type or departments. Select the appropriate button to create a new record series.


Complete the form as below with the following information:



Retention Schedule

Records Series: Enter the new retention series title

Description: The record series description will be used to describe the record series. It will detail the general purpose and content of a record series.For example: What is the correspondence about?  What do the applications entail?  What are the receipts for?  Who and what are these reports for?  If forms are a part of the  record series, include the state form number of each form


Retention Depends On


Manual: Enter the label for the base date on which retention period will depend on. This label will be displayed on the new records form when this record series is selected.

Auto: Retention on electronic documents are automatically assigned when associated with a specific Profile with 'Date' index field in them.  Many different events can trigger the start of a retention period, such as the completion of a project, or the termination of a contract. Select the appropriate option from the drop list:


oRetention Schedule Defined by User-Defined Index Date field

A Retention Policy can be associated with a particular Document Profile having an index field of Date type. New documents of that Profile will automatically be assigned the settings defined in the associated Retention Policy. The retention schedule settings can also be applied to existing documents of that profile. A policy can also be applied to more than one document profile.


     - Click on the Add option to select the Profile.

     - In Index, select a Date type index field.  


oRetention Schedule Start Date based on Document Creation Date

This feature specifies that the purge or deposition date in a Retention Schedule will be dependent on the date on which a document is created (as shown in the File's Properties, field ‘Created’ date). A policy can also be applied to more than one document profile.




      - Click on the Add option to select the Profile.


Retention Duration Calculation

Retain Records: Enter the retention period for each record series i.e how long each record series should be kept before final disposition Records should be retained in the office area as long as they serve the immediate administrative, legal, and fiscal purposes for which they were created.  

Click on Save & Next button to save and create a new record schedule at the same level