Viewing Documents Contents

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Viewing Documents Contents

You can view the documents contents in Docsvault in the following ways:


Document Previews

Document Preview supports all popular document types (including Word, Excel, PDF, Emails, Graphic & Engineering Drawing) without having any native software installed on the client machine. This feature is available in Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate edition only. For more information, see Document Previews.


Document PDF and Image Viewer

A safe way to view a document is by opening it in read-only mode. This prevents unintentional modification of data. You can use this option to view and print PDF documents and image files imported into Docsvault. In the list view panel, you can choose the file information you want to view.


To view the file

In Detail view, select the document from Docsvault Explorer .

Right click to display popup menu. From the popup menu and click on View   Or


   Double click the file and select open the file for view only.



You can set the 'Docsvault Preview Window' as the default viewer for all the image files and PDF file in Options in Tool menu. This option is ON by default.



Docsvault Preview Window

Docsvault Preview Window


Document Preview lets you open and view Images and PDF files. You can edit the Profile, view the annotations such as highlights, stamps and easily search the text using the Find option in an open PDF. However, to add or view comments of any annotation you need to open the document in PDF Editor.


When you try to open a restricted PDF document, you may need to enter a password to open it. In addition, restricted or certified documents may prevent you from viewing or printing your files. For more information, see Image Viewer


note Note:

You cannot edit a document in Document Preview Window.  Select Check-Out option from the right menu to open the document for editing.



Associated Application Window

You can use this option to open and edit documents imported in Docsvault in their native application.


For example: A file with .xls extension will open in Microsoft Excel application.



Associate Program.


To view the file other then in its native program, just right-click the file that you want to open and choose the appropriate program from the Open With choices.