Filing Documents

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Filing Documents

Folder Monitoring: Watch folders and Collect folders


Using Docsvault Folder Monitoring tool, you can designate Watch Folders on the server and Collect folders on the client machines for automatic import into Docsvault. The Docsvault Folder Monitoring tool runs as a service and monitor on any shared location and can watch multiple file system folders at the same time.

Any new documents placed into these watched folders are automatically imported into the designated location. This new filing interface allows quick document profiling and placement of imported documents.


Examples of Usage Scenarios

Filing system that are automatically populated with documents by automated jobs or programs

Incoming Scanned documents

Incoming Fax documents


Importing  document from Filing Area


The Filing Area is used to add documents to Docsvault folders. It is located on the Left panel of the Docsvault Window. The Filing Area is a window to Watch Folders on the server and Collect folders on the client machines.  


Each user can set the path of Local Collect Folder from the Filing Area. This Collect Folder will show up under the Filing Area for quick import of documents. Documents may be scanned, faxed, copied, or dragged and dropped into the Collect Folders. When documents and folders are copied or dragged into the Watched Folder or Local Collect Folder, Docsvault will immediately list the documents in the Filing Area along with the file counts against each local and watched folder as shown below:


Local Collect Folder

Local Collect Folder


The import location in Docsvault  can be selected under 'Import location' section on the right panel. You can use 'Folder Search' tool to quickly search the folder in Docsvault. The user has the option to change the file name and enter the details such as description, folder section and profile while importing the documents. In-order to apply the same information to selected items at one go, click on 'Apply to Selected items and subfolders'.


Docsvault can automatically remove imported files from their originating hard drive folders after import by setting the "Delete source files after importing'" option from the Filing Area.


To learn how to configure a Local collect folder, see Filing Area. If this option is not set then the duplicate document remaining on the hard drive is moved to the backup folder created by Docsvault on the same location.