Import a document directly to folder

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Import a document directly to folder

Import a document directly to a cabinet or folder


Now that you are done with creating cabinets and folders, let's demonstrate how to import documents into a cabinet or folder.


You can import files or folders from folder located on local/Network or from any drives that are physically connected to the computer.


Select the cabinet or folder in which you want to store the imported documents from the tree view panel of Docsvault Explorer.

Right click on the mouse button to display the popup menu and then click on Import Docs.                

Select file from the Import files and folders dialogue box and then click on OK button. You can select multiple files and folders by holding 'Ctrl' key from the keyboard and simultaneously clicking on the files or folders that you would like to import.


Importing the file directly to folder.


You can import documents in one of the following method:
Manual: Choose this option to manually file the document.
Auto: Choose this option allows to automatically classify and file documents based on the profile index value. For more information see, Auto-Filing Documents.

Enter the short description, document notes,  apply document status on the files to be imported and then

Choose the appropriate Profile and Folder Section. You can even initiate a workflow on individual file and folder imported.

You can preview the image and PDF file before importing the documents in the Preview window.

You can set individual settings for the documents imported or simply click on 'Apply To All Imports' to apply the same settings to all the documents imported.

Click on Import button to begin importing your documents.


note Note:

You can rename the file while importing by pressing F2 on the selected file.


Docsvault will display the list of files/folders that could not be imported for any reason.