Document Previews [Enterprise Edition]

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Document Previews [Enterprise Edition]


This feature is available only in Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate Editions




Docsvault Document Preview supports all popular document types (including Word, Excel, PDF, Emails, Graphic & Engineering Drawings, DICOM images) without having any native software installed on the client machine.


Document Preview has many benefits that increase your productivity and efficiency:

No Installation - open documents and get a full preview without native software

Supports popular document formats

Content identification is easy - thanks to graphic previews and highlighted terms of visual searches

Navigation becomes effortless - previews of all major documents and content types

Additional format specific functionality

PDF export for all file types


Viewing the contents of a document


Document Preview allows you to open, read and work with multiple file formats. It comes with several other functionality to change the way the document is displayed. A user cannot edit the contents of the files from the Preview panel.


Users with minimum 'Preview' rights on the document is allowed to view the content in the preview panel.



Document Previews


You can turn on/off the preview panel in the desktop client from View > Document Preview menu.  And in web client, you can turn on/off the preview panel from Options > General.





The Document Preview contains groups of controls. The number of buttons that you will see will vary depending on the type of documents viewed.


Save - To export and save the document to any location on the hard drive. User with minimum 'Export' rights will be able to save the
document outside Docsvault.


Export to PDF - To export the document in PDF format


Expand PDF Viewer -  Click on pdfReader to view PDF files in a new tab. This built-in PDF viewer allows you to view thumbnails, change the size of the document or view it in fullscreen mode,browse the file using page up & down button or skip directly to a page. You can also print and download the PDF file to your computer.  


Note: Users with "Read" rights can view and download the files.


Check Out - To check out the document for editing


Print - To print the document


Zoom In - To increase the magnification of the document


Zoom Out - To decrease the magnification of the document


Fit Width - To fit the document at its full wideness


Rotate Right - To rotate the selected page to 90 degree right


Rotate Left - To rotate the selected page to 90 degree left


Engineering Drawing Controls:


Rotate 10 degree - To rotate a drawing counter clockwise by 10 degree


Enable 3D Orbit Tool - To enable free 3D rotation mode of the drawing with mouse


3D Orbit Views -  To view 3D drawing in different direction.  The menu also allows you to change the viewpoint of your drawing in real-time:  front view, back view, top view, bottom view, left view, right view, south west isometric view, south east isometric view, north west isometric view and north east isometric view.


There is a very quick and easy way to 3D orbit your drawing object. Drag to left or right to rotate the object around the XY plane, and drag up or down to rotate the model along the Z axis. Drag diagonally to create isometric view.


Show Layers - To view the list of multiple layers of a drawing


Color Background - To view the drawing in color background


White Background - To view the drawing in white background


Black Background - To view the drawing in black background


Color Drawing - To view the drawing in color. Note: The drawing has to be originally drawn in color for a colored view.


Black Drawing - To view the drawing in black color


Show/Hide Axis - To control the display of the axis


Dimension Show/Hide - To view/hide dimensions of a drawing


Text - To view/hide the text written in the drawing


SHX Text - To support fonts that are written in the drawing


On/Off Double Buffering - To render the drawing effectively


Find - To search any content of the document.



Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) Controls:


Enable/Disable Window leveling: To adjust window level (brightness or contrast) of an image. Click the toggle  'Window leveling' button to enable/disable window leveling option. Next press the left mouse button over the image and drag the mouse to change brightness (window level - WL), or contrast (window width -WW):


UP to increase brightness (window level goes down)

DOWN to decrease brightness (window level goes up)

LEFT to increase contrast (window width decreases)

RIGHT to decrease contrast (window width increases)


Restore Default: To restore the default settings of window level


Animate: Animate (cine mode) is available for multiframe DICOM files only. Animate actually is the sequential playback of the frames contained in a multiframe DICOM file.


Properties: To view the DICOM tags associated with the image displayed.


File Formats supported in Viewer:


Docsvault supports following documents and files types in previewer:


Microsoft Word (doc, docx, rtf, txt, html, htm, mht, xml, odt, epub,log,ini, sql, config)


Microsoft Excel (xls,xlsx,xlsm,csv)


AutocAd Drawing (dwg/dxe (up to 2015 version), hpgl/hpgl2/plt, cgm, gbr,wmf/emf)


PDF & Images (pdf, tiff, tif, pdf, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, wmf, bmp, wbmp, ico, cur, jbg, dds, koa, pcx, pnm, hdr, jng, exr, dds, ppm, sgi, pbm, pgm, pfm, xbm,

     xmp, iff, tga, j2k,jbig2, jp2, jfif, jpe, jb2)


Email (msg,eml)


DICOM (dcm)


note Note:

Document Preview in web application support all the above file format except AutoCAD drawing files.