Documents Ownership

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Documents Ownership

Documents Ownership
When authenticated users with proper security permissions imports or creates a document in Docsvault they become the owner of the documents they create. In other words, they have "Full Control" rights on the document. However, Administrator can adjust the security permissions of their documents.


At times, it may be desired that the ownership of such documents stay with a higher level user like a manager of an administrator. The only way to prevent a document owner from accessing or controlling their documents is for another user to take ownership of the document. Using this ownership override feature you can specify a user who will own all documents created by this user.


To take or transfer ownership of a particular document

Select the document.

Right click and select Properties.

In Security tab, click on Change link next to the section labeled "Owner".

The "Change Owner" window will appear.

Select from the list of users that you can choose as the new owner.

To overwrite the ownership rights on all the files and folders created by a user can be done by the member of the Administrator group in the User's Profile from Docsvault Server Manager.


doc_security Security:

To take or transfer ownership, you must have "Change Ownership" rights or be a member of the Administrator group.