Scan a document directly to folder

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Scan a document directly to folder

Starting up scanning interface


Scanning document feature allows you to scan, process and store documents within Docsvault repository.  Docsvault is designed to work with all TWAIN compatible scanners.


Place the document in the scanner according to the scanner instructions.

From the tree view right click on a cabinet/folder. From the popup menu, select Scan Docs.



 Scan Docs


Select whether you want to scan Single File or Multiple Files (batch file scanning)

Enter a File Name and Description.

Select the destination where you want to save the scanned document in Docsvault in Save to box.

Select the Folder Sections under which you want to save the file.

Select an appropriate document profile with predefined settings from the 'Profile' drop down.

Select the Scanner: You have option to scan using Scanner's interface or use Docsvault's interface.

You can predefine different type of Scan Profile for different type of jobs. You can create Scan Profile by clicking on the Add/Edit.. link or by selecting the Scan Profile button on the toolbar. You can also use hot key ALT + O to quickly set the parameters for scanning and then

Click Scan button to scan the document.

You can have better vision of the scanned image by resizing the scanned form and even maximizing the image. You can reshuffle the pages, add annotation by highlighting and improve the quality of scanned pages such as despeckle, eraser, crop, brightness, contrast, erode, dilate, etc. before importing the scanned file into Docsvault.

Clicking on Import button will save and import the scan pages in Docsvault.

note Note:

OCR feature will enables you to convert scanned paper documents into searchable PDF file.  Searching for this OCRed text in Docsvault's search function is possible through the indexing process. You need PDF iFilters for the indexing service to index PDF files. On any 32 bits OS, installing the free Adobe Reader 9.0 + on the server machine (you do not need to install the PDF iFilter on all client machines) will install the proper iFilters necessary. For 64 bits OS, please install the 'Adobe PDF iFilter 9 for 64-bit platforms' available freely from Adobe's website. At the time of this writing the 64 bit iFilter is available here.