Using "Import Docs"

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Using "Import Docs"

Import a document directly to a folder


You can import any computer generated files or folders from Local / Network or from any drives that are physically connected to your computer. When digital files are imported, a copy of the file or folder gets stored in Docsvault.

Select the cabinet or folder in which you want to store the imported documents from the tree view panel of Docsvault Explorer.


Get the 'Import Documents' dialog box displayed by one of the following ways:


On the File menu, click on Import Docs     Or


Right click on the mouse button to display the popup menu and then click on Import Docs     Or


Click on the 'Import Docs' icon from the tool bar.

Select file or groups of files/folders from the Import Documents dialogue box and then click on OK button.


Importing the file directly to folder

Importing the file directly to folder


In, Import files and folders dialog, Left section will display all the files and folders selected for import. You can add or remove  files or folders from the import list by selecting the respective buttons. If you wish to rename a file or folder name before importing, right click and select 'Rename'.


The Right section, will allow you to preview PDF and image files.


Middle section will allow you to Manually file documents, add profile, enter the short description and document notes.


   You also have an option to choose Auto method to automatically classify & file document based on the profile

   index values. For more information see, Auto-Filing Documents.


Tag document status, add section, and  initiate workflow for individual file and folder.


Profile represents a set of indexes that provide additional information about the document, thus broadening the 'Search Criteria' in case you forget the name and description of the file.  Select the Profile for the document from the drop down list and enter the index information. For more information on Profile,see Profile and Indexes section.


Sections is virtual folder tabs to further classify contents of a folder. For more information, see Creating Folder Sections.


If you wish to have same information to apply for all the files or folders, select 'Apply to All Imports' .  You also have option to apply different profile and section for each folder. Select the folder, enter the details and select 'Apply to Subfolders' button.


'Delete source files and folders after successful import - when set, the duplicate document remaining on the hard drive is sent to the operating system’s Recycling Bin after it has been added to the Docsvault database.  You can restore them from your system Recycle bin.


'Keep original system dates' - You have option to keep original system dates for imported files and folders. If not selected then the imported date is  applied to the files and folders.


Click on Import button to begin importing your documents.


If you import an image-only PDF file, you will be to convert it into Searchable PDF file with Docsvault's inbuilt optical character recognition (OCR) module. For more information, see Working with PDF Documents.


Administrators or users with 'Create Profiles/Indexes' rights can create custom document profiles specific to each type of document to be imported in Docsvault.



note Note:

You may import multiple documents with this method but you will need to limit the number of documents added depending on your hardware configuration.


Please make sure the total characters in file names for the added document is equal to or less than 254, this reason for this is that the operating system limits the command line used to add the documents to 254 characters.


You can change the profile associated with a document either at the time when you import the document or edit the  document properties using Properties option in Edit menu. You can also now quickly edited the profile of scanned documents and image from Document Preview window.


Docsvault will display the list of files/folders that could not be imported for any reason.


You cannot import any link/shortcut files in Docsvault.