Creating Documents in Docsvault

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Creating Documents in Docsvault

Docsvault has built-in word processor, and a spreadsheet editor with which you can edit and create new Microsoft compatible Word and Excel documents directly within Docsvault. The editors are available in both the Desktop Client as well as the Web Application.


Apart from creating new Word and Excel documents, Docsvault Document Editor can also edit following types of file formats




Spreadsheet Editor: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV



To create a new document.


In the file list Panel, right click and point to New or use the New menu on the top toolbar.

Select Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel Worksheet or PDF Document *, to start a new document.

A blank document will open up for you to begin working on it. When finished, click on File and then Save. This will bring up Import dialogue where you can profile the document, add filename, description & notes, apply a status to the document and even initiate a workflow.

Click on the Import button to save the document to Docsvault.

To save a copy of the document to your local computer use the Save As option in the file menu.

Creating Word/Excel documents in Docsvault


* Click here to learn how to create a PDF Document in Docsvault.



Edit a Compatible Document


To edit any supported document type, right-click on the file to open its context menu and select Edit in Docsvault. Although not fully compatible with all features of a typical MS Office application, the Docsvault Editors support all common features that most people will find sufficient.


From the list view panel, right click on a supported file and click Edit in Docsvault.

The file is checked out and available for editing in a new window.

When you are finished with the editing, you need to check it back in to save the changes back to Docsvault.



Check-in a Document

Your files, and any changes you make to them, will not be available to your colleagues until you check the files back into your system.


In the editor, click on File and then select Check In.

In Check In window, check the box next to 'Create New Version' if you want to create a new version of the document.

In Version Notes, add a comment that describes the changes you made. This step is optional but recommended as a best practice. Version Notes are especially helpful when several people work on a file. Moreover, if versions are being tracked in your organization, the version notes becomes part of the version history, which may be important to you in the future, if you need to restore to an earlier version of the file.

Click OK. 


These same functionality are also available in the Web Application, to create a new, or edit an existing document, right within the web browser.