Creating a new PDF File

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Creating a new PDF File

Creating a PDF file with Docsvault.

Docsvault makes creating professional quality documents into the PDF file format as simple as possible. It is more than just inserting the file into Docsvault workspace. Its easy-to-use interface helps you to create PDF files by simply selecting the "print" command from any Windows application including web pages which can be viewed in Docsvault with a Docsvault PDF Editor.


Docsvault provides following methods for creating PDF files:


Creating a new PDF Document

Docsvault allows you to create a PDF with Blank Pages.

To create a PDF file with Blank Pages:


In the file list Panel, right click and point to New or use the New menu on the top toolbar.

Select PDF Document to open the New Empty Document dialog.



      New Empty Document window

Pages. Specifies the description of the pages in the new document.


Standard. Allows you to select from a standard set of page sizes.

Custom. Selecting this option allows you to specify a custom size of the page. You can change the unit of measurement from the drop down menu.  

Orientation. Sets the orientation of the pages in the document. You can choose Portrait, or Landscape orientation.

Portrait. The longer side of the page runs vertically.

Landscape. The longer side of the page runs horizontally.

Count. Defines the number of empty pages to be created.

Click on OK to create the document.


Docsvault PDF Printer

The quickest and easiest method for creating PDF files.  You can convert virtually any printable file from any application running under Windows to PDF using Docsvault PDF.


To create a PDF from a file:

Open a file in an application such as Windows Word Pad or MS Word.

From the main menu of the application, select Print from File menu to display the Print dialog box.

Choose the Print option.

Select Docsvault PDF driver as your printer.

Click Print and specify a name and a location in Docsvault to place the PDF once converted.

For more information, refer Creating PDF's with Docsvault PDF Creator.



Docsvault Scan Docs  

To convert scanned paper documents into PDF pages. You can convert scanned paper documents into PDF pages using Scan Docs option in Docsvault. You

can also optical character recognition (OCR) while scanning PDF file in Docsvault.  


To scan paper documents to PDF:

From the File menu, select Scan Docs.

Provide a File name and description.

Select the destination, where you want to save the scanned document in Docsvault.

Select an appropriate Profile and enter the indexes values.

Select the Scanner.

Select Scan Profile.

Click Scan to scan the document.

For more information, refer Scanning.