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Tasks option

Tasks Settings


Tasks panel allows you to set defaulting settings for Task Management.


Options on this screen can be changed by the user, no Administrative access is required.



Do not display pop-up reminders

When selected, popup reminders will not be displayed for tasks with reminders.


Do not display the system tray notification icon for new tasks and notes

When selected, user will not be notified when any new task or note is assigned to him.




Setting Task Options


File Tasks

Automatically file old tasks after ................... days

You can specify the number of days after which a completed task will be filed automatically by clicking on days spinner control. Use 0 to disable automatic task filing.


Task Email Alerts

Task alerts are emails sent to the users notifies them that a Task has been assigned to them.


Send me email alerts on task creation and changes

When a task is created or changed, an "Email Alert" is generated and delivered to the user who have chosen to receive task email alerts.


You can opt for not to receive any email alert if the changes are done by you.


Add Favorite Task Users

This feature allows you to create a list of users that you frequently assign tasks to. This provides you with a filtered list of users for easier task assignment to appropriate users.


The Available Users column will display the list of users created in Docsvault.

Select the users and then click on favorite_add button.

The user name will be moved to the Favorite Users column.

Click on OK button when done.