General options

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General options

General Settings
General settings enable you to set your own preferences for the general functioning of Docsvault application.


Let us discuss various check boxes and button for setting general preferences.


Start Docsvault on system startup
When selected, Docsvault application will start when you startup the system.  Docsvault application icon appears in system tray (at the extreme right of taskbar).


You may startup Docsvault's main window by double clicking on the system tray icon.


Docsvault Viewer:

You can set your preference to open PDF and Image files in Docsvault Viewer by default.

Idle Timeout - Auto Logout
You can also setup an Auto Logout feature in Docsvault for more security. In Auto Logout feature, the application logs out the user and rests in the system tray, if the system remains inactive for a certain amount of time. You can re-run the application after entering the login password.

MS Office Plugins

Enable Docsvault Plugins for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook

Select this option to integrate Docsvault with MS applications.


To save files directly from MS applications into Docsvault, select the checkbox next to the application. When integrated with MS Outlook, the users can save their emails, attachments, notes, contacts, etc. from Outlook into Docsvault.



Setting General Options

note Note:

At the time of Docsvault installation if MS Office Plugin was not installed, you can setup later by enabling this option.



Alternate color in consecutive rows

When selected, alternative color coding in the consecutive rows will be displayed while viewing the documents in the list view panel. The color combination will depend on the Theme selected. This helps in distinguishing file information in two different rows.



Select a skin style from the drop down list to set the current theme for Docsvault's user interface.


Default Views

Set the default view (Thumbnail view or Details view) of files and folders in the Docsvault Window.