Other Task Features

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Other Task Features


Documents routed with the task can be seen as 'Attachments' to the task.  You can perform following operations on attached documents.



Tasks with Attachments


Double click to open the document or right click on the attached file and select the following options:


Open to open the attached document in its associated application (ex: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Acrobat Reader, etc.) for viewing.


Open Location to open the parent folder of the file/folder associated with a task.


Check Out to check out the document for editing.


Request Check In allows you to send a request to check in the document if the attached document is checkout by another user. A notification task is created requesting check-in of a currently checked out document.


Remove will detached the document from the Task.


Sign Document will allow you to digitally sign PDF attachment. This feature is only available as an add-on module and requires separate purchase and activation.




To view notes associated with a task, simply click on the tasknote  icon. The 'Task Notes' window will appear for that particular task.


note Note:

A bright yellow note icon indicates a new note or new information added to an earlier note. A grey icon indicates that the note has already been viewed and there is no new information added to it since last viewed.



The 'Task Notes' dialog box will display all events and notes on a task for up to date status on any task.



Task Notes



Task Notification

When a new task or a new note is assigned, the assignee of that task is notified by a pop up notification box, and via email, if the client side email alerts has been enabled by the Administrator in Docsvault Server Manager. For setting Task Email Alerts, see Alerts.



Task Notification

Icon notification in the system tray indicates that there is a new note or task for the user. Right clicking on the icon and selecting View Alert option will open the Task tab.


note Note:

If you do not want to be notified for any new task or note in the system tray, set the appropriate option in Options > Tasks in Tools menu.