Task Management

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Task Management

In Docsvault, you can assign a task to any other Docsvault user and even set personal tasks for yourself.


Users are provided with a personalized list of all their tasks. Users can easily view their tasks, a description of the work to be done, who assigned the task, any notes associated with the task, attachments attached and when it needs to be completed.


Tasks Manager allows you to do the following:-


You can set a reminder on the Personal tasks that will remind you at the right time about meetings, special occasions, or important days of your life.

You can set priority to your tasks so that high priority tasks are sorted together at the top in the listing and easily viewed.

Documents can be attached with the task so that they can be directly opened for viewing from the task window.

You can forward the Task to the next person in work route.

Incase of erroneous task assignment, you can redirect to reassign task to the right person.

You can route documents to other users or group of users along with task without having to go through email.

Each task can have a note attached to it for further communication on that task.

You can receive email notifications for all task activities.

Tasks completed can be filed, so that they can be referred later if needed.

You can get up to-date status of all the events and task in the Task events log.



note Note:

You can have a quick review of the tasks related to a document in 'Document Tasks Panel' on the 'Right Panel' of Docsvault Explorer.