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General Notifications


General alerts and email notifications are powerful way to be alerted of changes that occur to files or folders in the Docsvault. Alerts option enables you to set the default settings for email alerts and pop up in Docsvault.


Do not show me pop-ups for general notifications

When selected, popup notifications for check-in changes will not be displayed when the user logins into Docsvault.


Do not  send me emails for general notifications

When selected, user will not be notified by email when any notification is assigned to him for document check-in.


Popup Delay

This option will let you choose duration in seconds the popup alerts will show before they disappear.


File & Folder Activity Email Alerts

Email alerts are sent to owner of files and folders when changes to documents occur. The users are allowed to specify the specific events to which they wish to get the email alerts from the Properties of any file and folder.


The first step you need to take to start using the alerts system is to configure outbound (SMTP) email server. Docsvault can use any standard SMTP server that you have access to. Enabling Client Side Alerts in Docsvault Server Manger, allows the system to notify the user to set email alerts on Task as well as on document and folder. For more information on setting up Email Alert, refer Alerts in Server Manual.


When you set Alert on a folder, Docsvault sends you an e-mail alert whenever the set event trigger on that folder or a document in that folder.


At a glance, you will able to see all the email alerts as shown below. You can edit the setting by double clicking on the Alert. To learn how to set an email alert, see Email Alerts under 'Working with Documents' section.



  Configuring Email Alerts