Email Alerts on Documents

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Email Alerts on Documents

Email Alerts on Documents

Adding an alert allows the system to notify the creator of the alert, when the selected action is due on the document. The User receives an email notification when the alert is triggered.


This procedure displays, edits, and deletes existing document alerts, and adds new document alerts on a currently selected document.


For example:

Jennifer can be notified by email every time a new version of the ‘Product price list’ is added to Docsvault or by subscribing to the ‘Purchase Order’ folder Richard in Sales & Marketing can be automatically notified of new PO that need processing.




The user can subscribe to be alerted of changes to folders or individual files in Docsvault.


To add a document alert:

Select the document.

Right click and select Properties.

In Alerts tab, enter the Email Alert Name.

Recipient Email: You can send email alerts to multiple email addresses. Simply enter email addresses separated by a comma. This option is a good way for administrators and managers to setup email alerts on any files or folders in Docsvault for a group of people.

Email Frequency, you can configure email alert frequency at  a fixed rate interval or with a cron schedule, such as every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon.

Select the Events to be monitored for email alerts.

Click on Apply to save the settings and OK to close the window.



Events Alerts


To delete an email alert set for a document, click on the Delete button next to Email Alert Name.


The user can view all the email alerts created by him from Tools > Options > Alerts.



To avail this feature, enable 'Client side Alerts' in the Docsvault Server Manager.