Security and Rights Summary Table

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Security and Rights Summary Table

Location Based Access Rights


The following rights are applied to Cabinets, Folders and Files from the Docsvault Client side by members of the ‘Administrators’ group, users/groups with ‘Change Security’ rights and document ‘Owners’.


Security Rights



List documents

Create Document Links (shortcuts)

Set new Document Relation


Preview supported file formats inside Docsvault Preview Panel


Open files for read only purposes

View Audit Trail

View Version History

Assign Document Tasks

Add Document Notes


New File

Import a file

Scan a new file

New Version/Check Out

Create a new version

Move / Cut documents

Rename files/folders

Remove Relations

Edit Document Descriptions

Edit Version Notes

Assign Document Status

Assign Folder Sections

Append pages to exiting PDFs

Edit Document Profile / Index Fields

Digital Sign Document

Undo Checkout

Remove Checkout lock


Delete files/folders

Overwrite files

Change Doc. Status

Edit Document Notes

Change Security**

Change the security settings of a document

Change Owner**

Change ownership of Items

New Folder

Create a new folder


Export documents outside Docsvault

Sending documents as email attachments (min read rights required to export)

Set Available Profile

Change Available Profile under a folder
(applies to folders only)

Version Ownership
(automatically granted to users creating a new version)

Delete versions created by self

Edit version notes created by self

Document Ownership

All above rights**  

Add to Shared Space

Delete Versions

Edit all Version Notes


** Note: Change Security and Change Owner are special rights and even document owners cannot remove users/groups with any of these two rights from the security of any file or folder. These rights can be used to assign ownership to a cabinet or major folder to say department managers or power user so that they will always have elevated access to all contents of a cabinet or folder.


System Features Rights


The following rights allow users to perform special functions in the system without needing the administrator rights. These rights are assigned from the “Edit User” dialog.  

System Rights


Create Cabinet

Create a new cabinet

Create Folder Sections

Create sections for any Cabinet / Folder

Create Profiles/Indexes

Create and edit Document Profiles and Index Fields

Edit Audit Settings

Set Audit Trail settings

Run Audit Queries

Query the audit log

Edit Doc. Status/Icons

Create and edit Document Status

Add/Remove Icons to available folder icons set

Create Templates

Create predefined Folder, File, Security, Audit, Available Profile and Email templates

Empty Recycle Bin

Empty users own Recycle Bin

Create Public Links

Create Public Share

Create Document Request links

Create Workflow

Create/Edit Workflows

Create eForm

Create/Edit eForms

Other Security Rights

Document Retention: see Document Retention Security
eForms: see eForms Security