Adding Users using Active Directory  Authentication

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Adding Users using Active Directory  Authentication

Adding Users using Active Directory Authentication
If you have a domain based network and would like your AD users to use their windows user names and password in Docsvault too, you will need to use the Active Directory authentication method. Active Directory Integration allows seamless login of specified active directory users into the Docsvault system.


Enable Active Directory Settings First

Select User/Group node in Docsvault Server Manager

Click on the AD Settings option

Select the check box next to 'Enable Active Directory Integration' to enable Active Directory integration

Input the AD information, and a AD administrator username and password to establish a connection with the Active Directory. Once the information is set, click Save




Active Directory Settings


To import users from Active Directory into Docsvault

Select User/Group > Users node in Docsvault Server Manager

Under AD Users tab, click on Add button to add a user to the Docsvault database

Select users in the list to be added

Check mark the Groups and the System Rights to assign to selected users



Adding Active Directory Users