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Your Workflow Tasks

Your Workflow Tasks

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Your Workflow Tasks

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Whenever a document is routed to an individual or group participants it might include performing some tasks associated with the document or reviewing/approving the document. Docsvault makes it easy for involved participants to access and complete workflow tasks that have been assigned to them by providing them with a clear list of tasks needing their attention along with all necessary information on those tasks.


Viewing a list of all workflow tasks assigned to a participant

When a workflow moves from step to step in a workflow process, it generates task assignments for users or groups as required. You can receive notifications of a task assignment via email, notification popup when logged in Docsvault  or view all your tasks in the Workflow > My Workflow Tasks node on the left tree panel in Docsvault Clients. You can set your notification preferences from your user Options dialog.

My Workflow Tasks is a record of all the tasks that are routed to you for action based on the workflow design. Tasks that are listed in your My Workflow Tasks are assigned to you automatically or delegated to you by some other user in the system to complete the task on their behalf. Workflow task that is canceled or completed do not appear in this list.




As shown in the image above, you can click on the '+' button in front of any workflow task to see its history such as actions performed by other users and their corresponding comments.  


You can filters on the workflow list columns to narrow down your workflow listing.  Any task that has reached or past its due date in a workflow process will be displayed in red in Workflow Tasks lists.


If you are setup to receive email notifications of workflow assignments and web access to your repository is properly configured by your admins, you can click a special link in that email to open up the task directly in the Docsvault Web Client from anywhere you have an internet connection.



Completing a Workflow Task

You can view workflow task dialog at the bottom panel or double clicking on a workflow task to brings up the "Workflow Task" dialog that displays associated documents, all involved participants, previous step actions & comments, delegation options and user actions to be performed in this step.


Take Ownership

If multiple participants are involved for a particular step, you can take ownership of a workflow step thereby claiming the workflow task and relieving other participants of that step.





Your task will most likely involve opening up the associated documents or check them out for making any necessary changes to them before you can register your action in the workflow. You can preview the document in Document Preview panel, right click on the document to check it out for editing or open the folder where it is located in Docsvault.


Once you receive the assigned task, you will need to record your action in the workflow by selecting the appropriate User Action and entering your comments for the selected action. Your workflow administrator may design the workflow to verify your identity by having you enter your Docsvault system password before your chosen action can be submitted.


If allowed, you may even attach supporting documents and folders from Docsvault repository or from your computer with your chosen action.


Workflow tasks will generally have due dates and depending on the workflow design and your own notification preferences, reminder notifications and delay alerts will be sent to you and/or other users in the system. Managers or administrator group members can change participants and due date of current step.


Generally choosing an action in a workflow step will move the workflow to another predefined step. However, workflow steps may also require all participants or any n number of participants to perform a user action for the step to be completed and transitioned to the next appropriate step.  For example, an approval step may require more than one participant to mark the workflow step as approved before it is considered completed and transitioned to the next step.  


If more than one users are viewing the same workflow step dialog, the user is notified about it already being open by other users.


If allowed, you may also change the participants of the next step. If there are no participants listed for the next step, you will need to specify at least one user or group for the next step. If a user is also a participant for the next step then the workflow dialog will show a "Next" button to jump to the next step instead of having to save and close the workflow dialog.


Step transitions can also be designed to have some automatic effects on the workflow documents. For example, approval of a document can also automatically change its flag status to approved, its associated index changed to some value and the document moved to an approved folder. These effects are configured by the workflow designer during the workflow creation.  


If this is the last activity (transition) in the workflow the workflow will be marked as completed.


Delegating Workflow Tasks to Other Users


Delegates can be specified when participants are unavailable for an extended period of time (for example, on vacation or on sick leave) or on an ad hoc basis when participants are simply too busy to act on an assigned workflow task.


Predefined automatic delegations of tasks for any specific time period can be configured under the workflow section of user options (Tools > Options). Learn more about setting up Automatic Task Delegation.


To delegate a task manually simply click the Delegate Task checkbox in the workflow task dialog and select a new participant from a list of users that have access to the document. Once the delegation is complete the delegated users will be notified of their new tasks. Note that the delegation option may not be available if it has been restricted by the workflow designer.





Sign a document to complete a workflow task

If digital signature is required to complete the transition, following dialog will be displayed:




Enter your Docsvault password to digitally sign workflow document

Reason for Signature: You can enter an optional reason for signing the document.

Certify Document: You can select the condition to certify the document to be valid.


Docs List

    You can get list of all documents attached during the workflow process by a single click. Right click on the file or folder and choose 'Docs List'