Tracking Workflow Progress

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Tracking Workflow Progress

The Participated By Me dialog lets you view the future progress of a workflow that you have participated in.


The "Participated By Me" Node


You can navigate to Workflow > Participate By Me node from the left tree panel in both the Desktop and Web Clients.




This dialog helps you track the future of any workflow task that you have participated in.


Documents - The document that is associated with this workflow instance.

Workflow - The workflow name

Current Step - The status of the workflow

Start Date - The start date and time for the current workflow step

Due By - The due date by when the current step has to be completed.

Participants - The participants of the current step

Steps Instructions - Instructions on task to be performed in current step

You can see all the actions performed on a workflow task by expanding the task node by clicking on the [+] button. This will display the history of this workflow instance along with details on all steps the workflow instance has gone through, user actions and their comments.

You can export all these details in different formats.


To narrow down your workflow listing You can also apply workflow tasks filter: Show All/ Show only selected workflow process to narrow down your workflow listing.