Initiating a Workflow

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Initiating a Workflow


Initiating a Workflow

A document can be routed into a Workflow process automatically or manually.


This session covers:


Manually Starting a Workflow

Automatic Workflow Initialization

Cancel a Workflow

Manually starting a workflow on documents and folders


Any user or group designated as the Workflow Initiator can initiate a workflow on a document or a folder in Docsvault. Administrators group members have a privilege to initiate a workflow by default.


note Notes:  

1.Available workflows on any document depend on their document profile so not all workflows are available under all document types

2.Workflows cannot be initiated on documents that are currently checked out for editing by someone

3.Workflows cannot be initiated on documents that are already under some other workflow

4.Workflow can be applied to documents under retention and conversely retention can be applied to documents under workflow



To initiate a workflow on a document, right click on the file or folder and choose Workflow. You may also select multiple documents under single workflow or later split them into individual workflows. From the available workflows list, select a workflow to start the workflow process.



Initiate Workflow



If necessary, you may also need to add more information that the workflow requires. Depending on how the workflow was designed and configured, you might have the option to further customize the workflow by adding additional managers and/or watchers and changing the predefined list of participants of the initial step.


If permitted users can add or edit participants for the next step.


Users have an option to change Due Date for next step of the workflow to speed up  processing for specific instances of a workflow and can even set  workflow Priority option to promote specific workflow instances on demand.


Users can also leave their comments or instructions for other participants in the next step of the workflow process. They can see comments from all previous users in the workflow comments dialog.  
You have an option to append user comments during workflow to document notes of the main workflow document. Enable 'Add a user comments....' in General  tab while configuring Workflow.




Initiate Workflow Form


When multiple documents are selected for a workflow, following workflow options are available:


oOne for all documents: Select this option to create one single workflow for all selected documents

oIndividual for each document: Select this option to create individual workflow instances for each document selected


Click on the Start button to start the workflow process.


When an Initiator starts a workflow on a document, the workflow is started, tasks are assigned to the workflow participants of the first step, and e-mail notifications are sent to the appropriate participants. While the workflow is in progress, the workflow managers and watchers can check the Workflow Status at any time and monitor its progress. When the workflow is completed, interested users are automatically notified about it.



Automatic Workflow Initialization


When a workflow does not require a user decision to start, it can be designed by the Administrator to automatically trigger on new documents created under certain Folder or certain document Profile. Each document can have only a single workflow that is automatically initiated.  In case both Profile and Folder trigger are satisfied for any document, the Profile trigger is given preference over the Folder trigger.



Automatically Initiating a Workflow


In the above example image, documents are automatically routed into a workflow process as it is created and saved in 'Account Payable' folder. Documents under workflow are identified by a workflow-initiate-smallarrow green arrow near its icon.


Similarly workflow can be triggered on say a 'Invoice' or 'Purchase Order' document Profile. Whenever a document is assigned any of these profiles, it is automatically routed into a corresponding workflow process.


Canceling Workflow Process

Docsvault Administrators and Workflow Mangers can cancel workflow process on the documents at any point.


To cancel a workflow on a document, right click on the file or folder and choose Workflow > Cancel Workflow. You may also select multiple documents under different workflow process and cancel all in one go.