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Purge Documents

File purge allows you to permanently delete files created or modified before specified date from your Docsvault repository.  




Purge Documents



warning Warning:

     When you use the purge feature, all tasks and audit logs related to the files being purged are permanently deleted.



Visual Themes

If you want the Docsvault user interface to have a different look, you can do so by changing its Theme. There are 30+ different themes to choose from.


Select the theme of your choice to change the appearance of Docsvault and give a fresh look to your Docsvault Server Manager.



List of themes


Max File Versioning

Admin can specify the number of file versions to keep. Docsvault will automatically delete older versions if the number of version exceed  the maximum number specified.



List of themes


Append Version Option

Check this option to enable automatic appending of version numbers to documents being exported manually by users from the Desktop and Web clients.  



Append Version Number