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30 Days Trial Period


The default installation allows a thirty-day trail period. During the 30-day evaluation period, all the features of the program are fully functional excepting the OCR feature which is limited to a 100 pages. At the end of the trail period the program will stop functioning and will prompt for an Activation key when you try to run the Docsvault Server Manager. Please visit our website to purchase the necessary activation key.


Activating and Registering Docsvault


From the Docsvault Server Manager window, select the License node and click the Add Key button.


The Activate key form will appear. Enter the 25 character Server key emailed to you at the time of purchasing Docsvault. This key will allow you to activate the product on a single Docsvault Server. Fill in the necessary registration information and click on Activate.


 Activation Form

note Note:
Make sure you have an active internet connection. If you are using a firewall application, allow Docsvault to access the internet for this one time activation process.


To activate Additional Users & OCR Add-ons


You can add additional users and OCR Add-on licenses at any time by getting respective activation keys from our website or an authorized reseller.


On the Docsvault Server Manager window, select the License node. Click on the Add Key button, fill up the necessary information in the activation form and click on the Activate button



Activate Additional Users & OCR Add-ons