Managing Forms

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Managing Forms

Each form has a number of settings and properties that can accessed by hovering over the form’s name. The following is a breakdown of all actions that can taken for each form in the Form Home page.


Submission - This will display all the new entries. Click on the link to go Submission page, where you will be able to browse, comment, edit and delete all of your entries.

Analytics - This will take you to the Analytics page, which will allow you to view overall statistics and percentages of your form. You can also see where your users were located or what system was used while filling out the form

Reports - This link will list current or create new Reports based on your form entries

Edit - This link takes you to the Form Designer where you can modify your form

Options -This link takes you to the Options where you can specify and change the administrative settings

Share - This is where you'll find multiple sharing options for sharing your form with others

Duplicate - The will allow you to duplicate a form. Duplicating a form will create a new form with the same name and ‘Copy’ appended on the end

Delete -This will allow you to delete a form

Click on the form name to view the form. The columns displays: category, owner of the form, last modified date and the total number of entries received for a form.