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Web eForms Add-on

An eForm (aka electronic form) is a digital version of a paper form. eForms can eliminate many of the labor, cost and intensive tasks typically associated with processing, importing and indexing forms in any business process. Once a form entry is submitted, form data can be used to automatically generate a file - a permanent record inside the document management system. The document can be searched for, routed through workflows, managed according to records policies for compliance, and more. Any type of simple form such as: purchase requisitions, expense reports, leave applications, or simple data sheets that is used to collect information can be designed without any coding in Docsvault. eForms in Docsvault is also very useful in creating repeated documents like agreements and contracts, leases, etc. by replacing the collected form data in a document template.

Key Benefits

Drag and Drop HTML Form Builder: Style and brand your online forms with our easy-to-use Form Builder. Docsvault allows you to create multiple column form layouts using simple drag and drop builder. Forms can include various field types like text box, drop down lists, radio button selection, check lists, date, captcha etc.


Fully Customizable: Quickly and easily customize the layout, colors and style. Easily change the color of form background, labels and elements using pre-designed themes or create from the scratch.


Smart Sharing: Build and share forms on your smart phone, tablet or the web. You can easily embed the form into your website or share it internally within the organization.


Form Data Validation: Ensure that correct and complete information are received using validations. You can specify field validations and make your forms interactive, saving users valuable data entry time and ensuring consistency. For example: You can set the form entry to be mandatory, check the format of numbers, text and phone numbers.


File Attachments: You can have your respondents upload files along with the form entries. This can be useful when you want to receive files from your respondents. ex: A job application form can provide the ability to upload a resume of the applicants.


Signatures: Add valuable digital authentication by signing your Forms.


Instant Notification: Get email and popup notification when a new record is added to your forms.


Efficiency: eForms help to create a complete paperless business process. After creating document by filling in a form, it can be routed for review and approval workflow process.


Analyze every detail: Stay updated and productive with instant reports. Use different kinds of data views to visualize the data collected through forms.


Security: Only those with proper authority can access and modify the form. Appropriate users in the system can be notified about new form submissions.


Compliance: Converting form data as files (Word, Excel an/or PDF), creates a permanent record in the document management system. The files can be managed according to record policies for compliance and audit trail.  


Docsvault eForms can eliminate many of the non valued added tasks that add time and cost to process for almost any department - from account to human resources.  With eForms, organizations can provide employees with forms that collect the data electronically and automatically route the information through Workflow. eForms help in removing time delays that result from staffing or business hour constraints and shortens business process cycles. This means requests can be processed faster and employees can be more efficient, improving both service and revenue cycles.





1. How do I host an eForm for my organization and my customers.

There are various ways you can share your form with your users electronically. See Share Codes. Simply copy one of the snippet options from the Share Codes page that suits your requirement.  


2. How do I insert an image in an eForm?

   You can use HTML editor field to insert an image in the eform.


Go to the edit mode of your Form Designer.

Drag and drop the HTML Editor field in your form.

Select Image icon from the toolbar.

Save the changes in Editor.

3. How can my customers attach files while filling up the form?
The File upload field type is used to upload files in Docsvault eform. Simply drag files in the drop zone. The files uploaded will be displayed in the specified location.  You also have an option to insert uploaded images as pages in PDF and Word document.

4. How can I segregate fields in my form into different sections?

There are couple of options available which will allow you to segregate fields in Docsvault eForm:
Section: This field inserts a section break. You can enter header or section title with a description.
Panel - This field allows you to insert panel in the form. You can configure header, border and background color of the panel. You can also add standard and pre-formatted fields inside the panel.
Divider - This field inserts a separator. You can style the divider color, type and thickness.

5. Can I insert hyperlinks in a form?
You can have hyperlinks in Forms for users to navigate to a different site or a page. Here are the fields which can be used to create a hyperlink in a form.

HTML Editor - You are allowed to insert hyperlinks to display on your form.  

Go to the edit mode of your Form Designer.

Drag and drop the HTML Editor field in your form.

Go to Field Properties and click on Edit button.

Select Link icon from the toolbar.

Enter the text to display and the URL link and specify if you wish to open in new window.

Click Insert Link button and Save the changes in Editor.

When you access the form in live mode, the hyperlink gets displayed in the form.


The other options available are: Website field, Add Notes. In Add Notes, you will need to write the html syntax for hyperlink. For example:<a href="http://www.docsvault.com">Visit our Website </a>


It will appear as: Visit our Website.