Creating Forms

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Creating Forms

Designing a form in Docsvault using eForms is very simple. You can create unlimited number of forms in Docsvault.



doc_security Security:

Administrators and users with system right 'Create Forms' can create and manage forms and entries


Creating a web form involves three steps;


Step1: Create a Form


Step 2: Design a Form


Step 3: Style your Form


Step 4. Specify Form Details




Step 1: Forms - Create a new form


Select Manage eForms option from Administration menu in Docsvault Web Client. This will display list of forms.


To create a new form, click on New Form button.


Give the form a Name, which will display at the top of your form as a title. You can rename your form at any time.


Enter an optional Description.


Select Category: Enter the category for the form from the drop list. If desired category is not listed, you can create one by clicking on the '+' button next to it. Category is similar to grouping the forms, ex: HR forms, AP, Agreements, etc.


Click on the Submit button to continue.




Step 2: Designer - Customizing the form


Form components may include company logo, labels, field types, etc. You can customize the form by adding as many fields as you like.  The form designer has a simple drag and drop interface, where you can drag the fields you require and drop them on the canvas to start building your form.


The electronic forms that you create are comprised of the items that you can select from the left panel. They can contain text, drop down choice lists, radio buttons, date, attachments, note, html editor, or pre-formatted elements such as fullname, address, ssn, signature etc.  



Adding Fields


There are two ways to add a field to your form,


Click and drag the field and drop it into your form.


Click once on the field and it will be added to your form.


Once the fields are added, you can re-arrange them by simply clicking on a field and dragging it to a new position on your form.


See Form Designer to learn how to design a form and add fields to your form.



Deleting Fields


To delete a field,


Click once on the field on your form, the field will be highlighted.


Click the 'cross' button to delete the field.



Preview Form


To preview the form, click on the Preview button. The form will be opened in a new tab and now you can test the form fields.



Save Form


Once you've built the form, save it by clicking on the Save button. It will display on the forms home page along with the rest of your forms. Here you can edit, share, duplicate, delete and analysis the records submitted for your form.



Step 3: Themes - Style your form


Style and brand your online forms with our easy to use Theme editor. Use Docsvault' s Theme editor to maintain brand consistency with beautifully designed form themes. No need to mess with hassle of CSS.  


Click on Themes to style forms from scratch or go with pre-style themes.  



Step 4: Options - Specify Form Details


Add general details such as form name, landing page where the respondents need to redirect after the form is submitted, assign security, notification details etc.


Use Share Code to embed Web Form - share and embed the form using various code formats.  


Click on Options to customize the form details.