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Customizing form styles


Several options are available to customize the appearance of your online form.  To create a style for your form, click on Themes icon at the top of your screen.


You have an option to select from our themes gallery and edit it to suit your needs. If you wish to use a theme with your background, color and style, create a new theme.


To apply a theme to your form:


In Designer tab, click on the Title of your form.

Select Theme: Choose a theme from the list. In the center panel, you can have a preview of the theme selected.

Click Save to apply the theme.


To create a new custom theme:


In Themes tab, select the Create New... from the list.

Theme Name: Give a name to your theme.

The Themes Editor allows you to change the following:

Form Layout Style: Check the option that you wish to style and select the color for:


oForm Border

oForm Background

oTitle Background

oSubmit Button


Control Style: This section allows you to select the color and style the form elements and labels.


oControl Border: Select the border color for your form elements.

oLabel Color: Select the color for your form labels.

oLabel Type: Customize the labels style such as normal, bold or italic for your form inputs.


The live preview tool in our Themes Editor lets you see your changes as you make them so you can experiment to create the best form themes for your business.


Click Save to save your theme.


You can edit your theme preference anytime. To do so,


Click on the Themes icon.

Select the theme from the list and make the necessary change. Click on Save to save the changes.

You can also duplicate an exiting theme and customize it to suit you. Click on Duplicate button.