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Building Multi-Column Forms

Building Multi-Column Forms

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Building Multi-Column Forms

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There are times that you will want to keep two or more fields on the same line (side by side.) Other times, fields will need their own lines. Docsvault provides option to build multiple columns in your forms and place your form fields.


Docsvault eforms by default take up one column. However, you can have multiple columns in your form.


To build multi-column forms


In Designer tab, click on the Panel field from the 'Add Fields' left panel.

In Properties panel, under Columns - add multiple columns by clicking on the Add button and set the width in percentage.

Now, drag and drop any fields under the column you wish to display.

You can have anywhere from one to twelve columns in a row. If you want part of your form to have three columns and part of it to have four columns, this can be done by adding new panel for each section.  Each new panel on your form can display whatever number of columns you would like ex: 1-column, 4 columns, 8 columns or 12 columns in a row on the same form.

Docsvault's eform is responsive, and the columns will re-arrange depending on the screen size.