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Docsvault Forms has a simple built in analytics for each form. You can view form submission data visually.  Your data is gathered and you will be able to analyze user behavior and statistics over time.


To check your form Analytics


Go to the Form home page

Click on the Analytics link on your form. As the Analytics page loads, you will see the Overview on the form. This bar chart covers number of form entries.

You can view the report days wise, monthly or in yearly format.

PageViews - Shows how many people viewed your forms.

Entries - Shows how many people have responded.

Conversion rate - Shows the rate of conversion of views into entries. It is the value of Entries/Pageviews. A low conversion rate tells you that your view rate is high but the interaction is low. A higher conversion rate means you're getting the valuable information you need.

Error Score - Shows the number of times that an error was thrown while your respondent tried to submit the form.

Avg, Time - Shows average time taken to fill up the form by your respondents.

Top Location - You will see a map with indications from where you are getting the traffic.

The Technology platforms shows browsers and system being used by your respondents while filling up the form.