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Insert Pages

Insert Pages


Insert Pages...

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The Insert Pages options allow to insert  the new PDF page(s) from another PDF document.


Note: You also can insert empty pages, images, scanned pages, and any text into the document.


Main Menu choose Documents > Insert Pages


The Insert Pages... option allows to insert the page(s) from another PDF into the current document.



The Source dialogue box presents the PDF source to insert the page(s) into another PDF document.


Click the From File radio button to upload a file or a document from already existing files. The Browser... button opens a standard Open File dialogue box to select a PDF file for selecting  pages from.


The Actions with Objects section contains the options to determine the actions with Comments, Form fields, and Bookmarks in the process of page insertion.


The Pages Range section allows to specify the page(s) to be inserted.  


The Destination dialogue box allows to specify a place and position in the current document to insert the selected pages.


The OK button applies the chosen options to the current document.


The Cancel button cancels all operations.



 The Insert Empty Pages ico.doc.insertEmptyPages.24 allows to insert empty pages into the current document.




The Insert Images...ico.doc.imagePages.24 allows to insert the image files into the current document.




The Scanner Settings <Custom> drop list ico.preset.24 contains a group of customized settings for scanning.


Insert image. Scan Properties