Add Image

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Add Image

Add Image



image_add.24Add Image function allows to add any image to the PDF document.


Main Menu choose Documents > Add Image.





The Add Image window:  


The Name filed allows to upload an image from saved files.


The Image preview field displays the uploaded image for a document;


The Options box contains two variants of image adding. Choose an option by clicking on the radio button.

oAs Stamp annotation option allows to edit an image as a type of Comments. To edit an image click on the ico.tool.editAnnots.32Edit Comments button (move, resize, change properties) or Tools > Comments and Markup Tool > Edit Multiply Comments.


oAs part of page's content option allows to edit an image as a part of a content . To edit image click on the ico.tool.editContents.24 Edit Content  (move, resize, change properties) or through Tools > Content Editing Tools > Edit Content Tool.



The Place button applies the chosen image to the PDF document.


The Cancel button cancels all operations.