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Add Barcode

Add Barcode



Barcode ico.doc.addbarcode.24 in PDF document provides an easy access to information for reading with any gadgets.


Main Menu choose Documents > Add Barcode.





Note: The Select barcode type field allows to set the boundaries of the Barcode rectangle by dragging Barcode boundary rectangle to the size required.


The Add Barcode field:


The Select barcode type (QRCode) field contains generates only QRCode;


The Data type field option allows to insert and maintain information to create a Barcode. With the set Constant (vCard) as the Data Type option, insert personal information (First Name, Last Name, etc.) in the required fields (some of them are       important);


The Image Preview window shows the created Barcode;


Optional levels of  Barcode:


As Stamp annotation allows to easily manage the resulting image as a Stamp annotation (change size, location, etc.)

As part of page's content allows to insert a Barcode as a part of the base content of the PDF.


Note: A Barcode as a part of page's content can only be edited by a PDF editor.


Creating a Barcode as an Image or a Vector:


As Vector allows to reduce the image size if a PDF document has a critical size.

As Image allows to read the created Barcode with different devices.


Note: If you need to print your PDF document, for the best result, choose the native printer's dpi or multiple to native.


The Add Margin option allows to add some space between Barcode and invisible boundaries;


Color options :

Fill color drop-down menu allows to choose a color of Barcode background.


Barcode color drop-down menu allows to choose a color for Barcode.


The Place button applies the created Barcode to the PDF document.


The Cancel button cancels all operations.