Exporting Documents

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Exporting Documents

Export documents from Docsvault


You can export files, folders, or entire cabinets to any location on your hard drive, network shared folders/drive or to any  removable drive.


Select the documents to be exported from the list or tree view panel of Docsvault Explorer.

Right click on the selection, point to Export To and then select Browse to choose the location or select from most recently used export locations to quickly export the documents.


Export to folder

Export to folder


Select a location to save the documents.


note Note:

All specified documents that have been exported to the destination, retain the exact hierarchical folder structure as in Docsvault.


You can copy the documents from Docsvault and paste them into Local or Network folder under Local Computer inside Docsvault. You can also drag and drop the files and folders from Docsvault to Local or Network folder.


To export files and folders to CD/DVD, 'Burning to CD/DVD' option is used.