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Email Template

Communicating with customers is an import activity in any business scenario. Docsvault provides Email Template to send repetitive messages to multiple recipients on demand.


To create an email template



Select the Administration menu and click the Email Template option.

Click Add button to add a new email template.

In the New Template dialog, enter the Template Name.

Select a Category from the drop-down list.

Select the users/groups to whom this template should be visible.

For the template, add the From, Subject etc. details. (refer to the table below)

In the mail Message section, create the email message body. You can select dynamic fields from the available Select Fields drop-down list. This will dynamically replace the index values associated with a document being attached.

Click Save.



Field Name



User: Selecting this option will use the email ID of the current logged in user as the sender of this email.


Custom: Specify the name and email ID of the sender.


Specify the Email ID of the recipient. You can also select the dynamic index field from the Select Field drop down list.


Specify the Email IDs of the recipients who would receive a blind carbon copy


Specify the subject to be displayed while sending Email to recipients. You can also provide dynamic index fields from the Select Field drop down list.






Using Email Templates


Email Templates provides an easy way to deal with repetitive email tasks. To learn how to use Email Templates, see Using Email Template.