Using Email Template

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Using Email Template

Sending documents as email attachment using Email Template

Email Templates provides any easy way to deal with repetitive email tasks. Instead of typing similar messages over and over again, or cutting and pasting from other documents, you simply select a template from the menu. The templates can even replace dynamic field values (including email address) derived from the document's profile and other variables. Email Templates allows you to operate in a smooth, organized manner, alleviating time-consuming tasks and ultimately increasing productivity.


To email a document using Email Template


Select one or more files from the file list.


On the File menu, point to Email With and then select Email Template   Or


   Right click on the selection, point to Email With > Email Template and then select the appropriate email template.




Sending email using Email Template



You can also send out emails using email templates without attaching any documents to it. For such emails simply click on a blank area of the file list and use the Email With menu as above.


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