Editing Documents

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Editing Documents

In Docsvault, you can Check-in/Check-out the document, which helps in preventing simultaneous edits to files by multiple users of a team in a collaborative environment. It allows only one person to work on a file at a time, to prevent team members from overwriting each other's changes.



Check-In/Check-Out Control


Check-Out a Document:


Checking-Out a file saves a copy of that file from the repository to the users local computer allowing the user to edit the file. Checked out documents display a red lock Red_Lock on the file, which tells other users about the checked out status of a document. The checked out file displays a green lock icon to the user who checked out the document.  


To edit a file

Right-click on the file to open its context menu and select Check Out. Your browser will now prompt you to save this file (or will save it to the default download location depending on your browser settings).



Check Out file for editing



Check-In a Document:


Once you finished working on a file, you can check-in this file to make it available to other users so that other users can have access to the latest version of the document checked in.

Check-In a file removes the lock on the file.


Right click on a file to be checked in and from its context menu select Check In

In Check In dialog, browse to the file to be uploaded

If you want to create a new version of the document, check the box next to 'Create New Version'.

Enter your change comment in 'Version notes' (optional)

If you wish to release a new version of this document but continue to work on it, click on the check box labeled 'Keep files checked out'.(optional)

Click OK button to upload the changes made in the document





Request for Check In


You can create a notification task requesting check-in of a currently checked out document with a single click.


Select the checked out file, right click on the file to display the popup menu. From the popup menu, click on Request CheckIn.


doc_security Security:

To edit a document, you must have at least 'New Version/Check out' rights to the document or be the owner of the document.



Docsvault Web Components


Docsvault Web Component makes it easy to checkout/in your document within the IE web browser to a predefined folder on your machine without the additional prompts. To configure your checkout location, see Specify Check Out Location.


Installing Docsvault Web Component


When you browse Docsvault Web using Internet Explorer, you will notice a Install Web Components button on the top right corner (if it is not already installed)

Click on this button and then allow your browser to install the Docsvault Web components









Discarding the changes

When you check-out a document, and then wish to cancel the check-out with out uploading a new version, you have option to cancel the check-out.


Select the checked out file

Right click on the selected file to open its context menu and then click on Undo Check Out.



Checked out files can not be overwritten by using copy or import process until checked in.




Specify Check Out Location


Users can define their checkout location from Options > Check Out section in the Docsvault web client.


Location: Select the path where you would like to copy the checked out documents to your local machine


Open file after checkout: Check this option if you wish to open the file directly in its native application on checkout


Note: This checkout location is different than the one set in Docsvault Desktop Client