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Docsvault web application extends document management outside the office. Documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet. This provides convenience of having your documents fully accessible even while away from the office.


Docsvault web is a server based application integrates with Microsoft IIS 7 and above. Unlike a hosted solution, repositories stay on-site so you have full control over your information.


The great thing about Docsvault Web Clients is that there is almost no difference in appearance or functionality in the web or desktop client. Web client interface looks similar to the Docsvault desktop client interface and has the same right click convenience to perform actions such as check in/check out, move/copy, search, and upload files, among other things. You can even participate in the workflow and share documents with your vendors, customers, and employees working outside the office.


note Note:

This feature is available only in Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate Editions