Document Creation

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Document Creation

Document Creation


Docsvault gives you the option to create a document once the form is submitted by your respondents. You can either automatically create a PDF file or map insert captured fields in a Word or Excel template document.


Autocreate PDF - Select this option to automatically create a PDF file in Docsvault once the form is submitted.


Map fields to a template - This option allows you to pull data from a form entry and merge it with a template.


Select and upload any Word or Excel file as a base template for the new form document that will be created after the form is submitted. To map your Form fields with the content inside the template file, simply select the insert position inside the template document and select the data field from Dynamic Fields drop-down.


For example:


Applicant Name: {{Name.Full}}


The above example, when inserted in a document, will replace {{Name.First}} with the data typed in the associated field in the form.


Applicant Name: John Doe


This is really useful for situation where you want to merge the data from the respondent with a pre-defined content and create a customized document.


Docsvault Variables:


When users of Docsvault open up any form from within their Docsvault application, forms can also use the following predefined variables:
{{UserName}} - Docsvault current user name who submits the form

{{FullName}} - Fullname of current Docsvault user

{{UserEmail}} - Email address of current Docsvault user


Example of mapping dynamic fields in Excel Template:



Document Location - Select the base location in the Docsvault repository to file the document created after submitting the form.


Dynamic Path - You can also define a rule for auto-filing documents using dynamic fields to detect/create a destination folder under the specified base location. If the appropriate folder already exists in Docsvault system, Docsvault will directly import matching files in that folder or create a new folder if necessary.


Document Name - You can predefine a format to dynamically name the document created using Forms.  (ex. creating document based on the Submission ID -  {{ENTRYID}} )


Convert to PDF - Select this option to convert and save the original file format (Word or Excel) to PDF format.


Append Upload Images as pages to form document - Select this option to insert uploaded image files as pages in Word or PDF files.


Workflow - Select this option to trigger specified workflow on the form document created on submission


Doc. Status - Apply document status on the document created after the form is submitted. Ex: For Approval, Draft Agreement, etc.


Document Profile - Select the desired Profile for the form document and map all index fields with form fields. If you have used a Profile Index type of field on your form, its mapping will be filled automatically.


You have an option to apply same profile to both the document and its parent folder (if created dynamically) based on filing rules.


Click Save button to save the settings.






note Notes:


Document Profile, Status & Workflow, if set, will automatically be assigned to all form attachments too.