Concurrent Users

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Concurrent Users

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        This feature is available in Docsvault 8.0 and above and requires separate licensing.



Concurrent User licensing model allows multiple users to share a common pool of licenses. This type of licensing is useful when you have occasional users who can share a connection license and do not need a dedicated license. In concurrent licensing, you can register as many users you want to Docsvault, but in a five-user concurrent license, after five users log into Docsvault, the sixth user is prohibited. When any of the first five users log off, the next user can log in.


You can even have hybrid licensing model (i.e combination of standard named based and concurrent users licensing).


Adding concurrent users is similar to adding standard named based users. See Adding Users using Docsvault Authentication and Adding Users using Active Directory Authentication to add users using Docsvault authentication and using active directory authentication respectively.