Uploading Documents

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Uploading Documents

Depending on the rights allocated to the external user under their shared folders they may be able to upload files into their shared folders.


To add a document


You can add multiple individual files and upload them into your shared folders in one go.


Right click on the selected folder to open its context menu and then click on Upload Files
Click on the 'Upload Files' icon from the tool bar


The will open up the 'Upload Files' dialog. Use the 'Add Files' button to select files to upload from your desktop or simply drag and drop files into the upload dialog.

Alternatively, you may also directly 'Drag & Drop' files from your desktop directly into the main file list (without first opening the 'Upload files' dialog)


When you upload a document to the Docsvault Guest Portal you have an opportunity to profile that document. Filling up profile values could be optional or mandatory depending on the folder settings. Once you have selected the appropriate profile, you would want to enter additional information about the document like its section (if applicable) and its description.


Uploading a file in Docsvault repository


Left portion of this dialog displays all the files selected for upload. You can remove a file from the upload list by selecting the delete button next to it


Right portion of this dialog will allow you to enter a short description, select an appropriate section and profile individual files being uploaded


All fields marked with a mallet icon indicate mandatory fields and must be filled in

Select 'Apply to All Uploads' to apply current profile values to all files being imported. Users also have option to apply different profile and section for each file  


Finally click the Import button to complete the upload process


While importing files, in case of a duplicate file name, you will have an option to either overwrite, create new file version or keep both copies for duplicate files.


note Note:

You may upload multiple documents with this method based of the file size limit set by the admin in Docsvault Web Manager. By default, the size limit for uploading a file is set to 20 MB.


You can even ‘Drag and Drop’ files from your desktop to the main file list dialog or into the upload dialog in the web client to upload and import documents into Docsvault. This feature works for all web browsers with support for HTML5 or Silverlight v3 and above (All latest browsers).


Please make sure the total characters in file names for the added document is less than 254 characters


Docsvault will skip files that are not valid for upload and issue an appropriate message


You cannot upload any link/shortcut files or folders


note Note:


If any of your profile indexes consists of static list, the external user will be able to choose from that static list of values and hence your internal values may be exposed to the external users. If you prefer not to share this information with your users please ensure to set only those profiles on your shared folders that do not have static list indexes containing your confidential information.