Creating Folders

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Creating Folders

An external user with 'New Folder' rights on a shared folder can add a new folder anywhere under the permitted shared folders.


To add a New Folder


This procedure adds a new folder to your Docsvault repository (if allowed) under the currently selected folder


Right click on relevant folder from the tree view or in an empty space inside any folder to add a new folder

Click on New Folder in the pop up menu

Enter Folder Name and Description for the new folder

Select an appropriate Profile for the new folder and fill up its corresponding index values

Choose Folder Section from the list if applicable

Select the Icon of your choice for easy identification

Click on Save button to create the folder



Creating a New Folder


note Note:

If any of your profile indexes consists of static list, the external user will be able to choose from that static list of values and hence your internal values may be exposed to the external users. If you prefer not to share this information with your users please ensure to set only those profiles on your shared folders that do not have static list indexes containing your confidential information.