External Users [Enterprise Edition]

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External Users [Enterprise Edition]

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        This feature is available only in Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate Editions and requires separate licensing for external users.



An external user is a person who has been granted access to few chosen areas of your Docsvault repository to share relative information with them using a Guest Portal. Typically such users are customers or vendors and not users within your organization. External users are users who are normally not employees, contractors, or onsite agents for your organization.


What an external user can do in their Guest Portal


External users can access selected folders you share with them for viewing and uploading documents. They can login to the system using the same Web login URL as normal users but will see only their shared folders (and their subfolders) without any internal document notes, profiles etc.


An external user can perform tasks with the permission level that they are assigned. By default they have 'Read' rights to the selected shared folders. Users with this right have read only access to documents, they do not have a rights to add documents.


In addition to 'Read' rights, 'New File' and 'New Folder' rights can also be assigned to them on their main shared folders. In other words, users with 'Read' , 'New File' and 'New Folder' rights can have access to selected shared folders in Docsvault and can download documents, upload documents, and/or create new folders.




note Note:

You may change the name of the 'Root Node' in the Guest Portal to personalize it with your own share name (example John and Jane, CPA Firm) in addition to your logo from the Docsvault Web Manager dialog.