Creating External Users

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Creating External Users


An External user by default has 'Read' rights to the selected shared folders.  In addition to 'Read' rights, 'New File' and 'New Folder' rights can also be assigned to them. In other words, users with 'Read' , 'New File' and 'New Folder' rights can have access to selected shared folders in Docsvault and can upload/download files and/or create new folders. External users can login to the system using the same Web login URL as normal users but will see only their shared folders (and their subfolders) without any internal document notes, profiles etc.



For example:

HCA company has appointed an external advertising agency. The agency allots their 5 representatives to work on HCA's marketing project. You might want this group to have access to the marketing documents only and probably wouldn't want them to see other sensitive documents.


The above problem can be solved using the concept of External users. Create 5 External users and allow them to access selected marketing folders with additional rights to upload/download files and/or create new folders.




Adding External User

Once you have purchased the External Users license you can add external users as follow:

Select User/Group > External User node in Docsvault Server Manager

Click the New button to open the New External User window

Fill up the personal and login information for the external user

Ownership Override Setting:  By default, any user that imports or creates a file or folder in Docsvault becomes the owner of that document. However in this case, you must specify a internal user who will own all documents created by this user

Shared Folder List: Click on Add button to add folders to share with this user. Unlimited folders (subfolders of this shared folder are also shared) can be shared with an External user.

oThe External User by default has 'Read' rights on the shared folders. They can be assigned additional 'New File' and 'New Folder' rights to create new files and folders under the shared folders.

Click on Save button to create the external user.


External Users Creation


doc_security Security:

Administrator or authorized users can audit and trace the events performed on documents by the External users.