Task Management

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Task Management

To Open Task Manager Window:


Task Manager Window helps you to see and manage all in bound, outbound and your personal tasks.


On the Tools menu, click on Tasks  


  From the toolbar, click on Task icon


This will open the Task Manager in a new tab as shown below:



Task Manager Window


The task manager is split into two panels:


To the left is 'Task navigation panel'  so that you can navigate between list of : Task In,  Task Out and Personal Task.


To the right is 'Task list panel'  will display the log of the activities that have been completed or still in progress for that Task category (i.e Task In, Task Out and Personal Task). You can also double click a task in the Display panel. The task will open in a new window called the Task Properties. You can view the progress of the task and also set the next course of actions such as: forward the task to someone else along with notes or mark it as completed. You can  even set a task reminder.



information Information:

The users can set to get update alerts for changes happening to tasks that are important to them.