Document Tasks

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Document Tasks

Viewing tasks assigned to routed document


Tasks are document related job assignments that must be performed by Docsvault users.


You can see the Task In, Task Out and Personal tasks related to the document in Document Tasks panel on the right panel of Docsvault Explorer.


If this window is closed you can reopen it from the View menu, point to Right Panel and then click on Document Tasks.

Select any document in the center panel to see the tasks associated with it in the Task panel.


Document Tasks Panel allows you to create, assign, edit, delete a task and change its priority according to its importance. Tasks can also be marked done once it has been completed.


For example:

In Docsvault, you can use Task feature to route documents from person to person so that they can each complete their document management tasks, such as reviewing documents, approving their publication, or managing their disposition.  For instance, an invoice passes through an approval process and then is routed to the accounts payable department.


At each step in the approval flow, the user can forward the task to complete the cycle of approval. The recipient of the task will be informed by task alert notification and email alert (if set).



Tasks Manager allows you to do the following:


You can set a reminder on the Personal tasks that will remind you at the right time about meetings, special occasions, or important days of your life.

You can set priority to your tasks so that high priority tasks are sorted together at the top in the listing and easily viewed.

Documents can be attached with the task so that they can be directly opened for viewing from the task window.

You can route documents to other users or group of users along with task without having to go through email.

You can receive email notifications for all task activities.

You can get up to-date status of all the events and task in the Task events log.


Following are the operations that you can perform on Task In, Task Out and Personal Tasks:





            Task Out

            Task In

      Personal Task


  Document Tasks


Creating a new task

Click on the New Task icon  to task out or add a personal task.


Editing a task

An existing task in the 'Task Panel' can be modified by clicking on the Edit icon from the toolbar.


Setting high priority for a task

Select a task from the 'Document Tasks Panel', from the toolbar click on High icon to set it at 'High Priority'.


Changing task from high priority to normal priority

Select a task from the 'Task Panel'; from the toolbar click on Normal icon  to set it at 'Normal Priority'.


Deleting a task
Select a task from the 'Task Panel'; from the toolbar click on Delete icon  to delete it.


Mark a task as Complete

A task once accomplished can be marked Complete by clicking on Complete icon  from the toolbar after selecting the task from the task list. This will mark the task grey and shift it to the bottom of the "task list".


Mark a task as Pending

In case you have marked an unaccomplished task as Complete, it can be changed back to Pending status.

For this first select the concerned task from the "task list" and click on Pending icon.