Checking Out and Checking In Documents

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Checking Out and Checking In Documents

Editing a document by using 'Check Out / Check In' feature


Documents stored in Docsvault can be viewed as read-only by default. They can be opened for editing by Check Out and then the changes saved by Check In.


Using the Check In and Check Out features ensures that documents are not overwritten by multiple users. These are the methods by which users can better control when a new version of a document is created and also comment on changes made when a document is checked in This feature also enables the users to monitor the complete history of a document.


Check Out a document to edit


Select a folder or file to check out.

Right click to display the popup menu. From the popup menu, click on Check Out.

Make changes in the document.



Check Out option



note Note:

Once a document is checked out it can not be copied, moved or deleted without necessary permissions.


You can also set Docsvault to checkout the file for editing simply on double click from Tools >Options >Checks In/Out.





Check In the document to save the changes




Check In option


Right click on the file to display the popup menu. From the popup menu, click on Check In. This will save the changes made in the document to Docsvault.


You can also add document notes, set/change folder section, initiate new workflow, and set/change document status while checking in a document.


When a document is checked out by another user, you can send a request to check-in the document by right clicking on the file and selecting Request CheckIn. A notification is send to the user with your personalized message.



Request Check-In


Users can check out documents, undo check-outs,  and check in documents.



When a document is checked out, it is saved in the checkout folder. This folder is set by the users in Tools > Options > Checks In/Out. While the document is checked out, the user can only save edits to this local folder. When the user is ready to check the document in, the document is saved back to the original server location.



A User must have at least the rights of 'New Version/Check out' to check-out a document.