Viewing Document Properties

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Viewing Document Properties

Viewing Document Properties


When you open a document in PDF-Change Editor, you are able to Read and Create an information about your PDF file (info, security method, appearance, actions when a document is viewed, and more) in a window Document Properties. 


Choose File > Document Properties... (or CTRL + D) and open a window where you can see six Categories of document properties. Click on a Category in a left panel and read more about it in a new window. After closing the window you will return to this page.




In a left panel of the window Document Properties you can find six tabs with Categories of document properties.


In a Description tab you can Read and Add/Change an information, such as Document Title, Keywords, etc


In a Fonts tab you can Read an information about all fonts in your document, their types, and encoding used to display the original fonts.


In a Security tab you can Choose Security Method (password, certificate, etc) and Determine what changes are allowed in that document (content copying, signing, printing, etc.).


You can Set an Initial View for that document for further appearance in any PDF application (what page and layout to display, what magnification level to set, what panels to open with the document, etc).


In an Advanced tab you can Set the Base URL for relative links in your document, the prepress options (trapping), options for printing (duplex mode, number of copies, etc), options for reading from a screen or other devices), and Add Actions such as Execute a Command, Open a Link, Go to a Page, Run Java Script, Play a Sound, and more.


In a JavaScript tab you can Write your Java Script.